Health Benefits of Drinking Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea Explained by IE Green Tea

IE Green Tea has published an article detailing the many health benefits of drinking organic decaffeinated green tea. The article briefly describes the standards and processes used to grow plants.

IE Green Tea has published an informative article on their official website explaining the benefits of organic decaffeinated green tea. The article sheds light on the origins of caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties IE Green Tea. It also shares information about the company’s standards and processes to ensure the quality and stability of the end product. This provides insight into the use of decaffeinated IE green tea products and how they compare to similar teas in terms of manufacturing processes and health benefits.

The company sells decaffeinated products for tea lovers who are sensitive to caffeine and have documented adverse reactions to caffeinated foods or beverages. Consumers can rest assured that regular IE Green Tea and its decaffeinated teas are also 100% organic. Also, all flavors like raspberry, lemon, peach, and plain green tea are available in the decaffeinated version of their tea.

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IE Decaffeinated Green Tea is manufactured in pre-brewed, easy-to-use, single-serving green tea packets. The health benefits of the company’s regular green tea are also present in the Decaf I.E. Independent lab tests also confirm that the decaffeinated version has the highest EGCG and catechin content compared to any other version currently on the market. This preservation of nutrient levels is the result of a meticulous caffeine extraction technique that involves a natural CO2 extraction process. The decaffeination process preserves the nutrients and all natural flavors that are otherwise easily lost. However, it is important to remember that even decaffeinated teas contain a small amount of detectable caffeine content.

Readers interested in reading the article in full can visit the company’s official website IE Green Tea at The article also provides some important answers to green tea beginners’ questions.

A Green Tea Company representative described the Organic Decaffeinated IE Green Tea in comparison to other caffeinated and decaf options: “Decaffeinated coffee does not equal tasteless or low in nutrients in our products. Our decaffeinated IE green tea is available in all the natural flavors of our regular tea. You can choose from a zesty lemon, sweet peach, tangy raspberry or regular green tea flavor. There are very few decaffeinated green teas available, and the process of completely removing caffeine from tea would most likely remove many important vitamins and minerals as well.

He adds “Our decaffeinated tea undergoes a natural CO2 extraction process that preserves the tea’s flavor and antioxidant levels. This gentle decaffeination technique preserves all beneficial vitamins, minerals, EGCGs and catechins, making IE green tea the healthiest.”

About IE Green Tea

IE Green Tea sells a premium quality brand of liquid green tea in concentrated packets known for its many health benefits. The brand prides itself on selling the best green tea on the market that offers all of the advertised health benefits at a competitive price.

To learn more about IE Green Tea, its benefits, how the brewing process came about from years of experimentation and partnerships with tea experts, and where the tea comes from (as a note: note that this is an exclusive mountain that provides nutritionally rich minerals ), visit the site at

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