The Skills Training Group’s first aid courses have been an overwhelming success

Scotland’s leading training provider for heating and utilities wants to go national

The Skills Training Group, the leading provider of heating and utility training, has had tremendous success with its first aid courses in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Birmingham and will now run them nationwide for the benefit of learners.

The company was founded to provide cutting-edge learning experiences that equip learners with skills that make them highly sought after in the industry. competency training group has state-of-the-art facilities in Paisley and Dalgety Bay, Fife, providing learners with first-hand experiences to prepare them for real-world challenges. The training ensures that they can hit the ground running in the field from day one.

Skills Training Group – Scotland

They are one of the few approved training providers at British Gas and have also held several prestigious accreditations. It has been tested and approved by Training Standards, has also won prestigious awards and has established a name that the industry trusts. It is interesting to note that all of the Skills Training Group staff have over 10 years experience working with leading UK employers and are constantly monitored by the Quality team.

This extensive effort has resulted in innovative training programs in electrical work, plumbing, home gas, commercial gas courses and more. But it also understands the vital importance of First Aid Training for professionals in these fields. For this reason, it offers FAIB-accredited first aid courses that can be conducted at one of its venues or at a client’s workplace.

These affordable courses are designed to ensure learners can transform into qualified first responders who can save the day on the ground. The comprehensive first aid training the company offers includes workplace first aid courses, pediatric first aid courses, and on-site and online first aid training courses. From the EFAW basic course to the advanced FAW training, many options are available over different course durations.

The 1 Day Emergency First Aid Course and 3 Day First Aid Course are some of the options offered by the Skills Training Group which is having amazing success across Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Birmingham to have. And now the leading training provider is poised to roll it out nationwide to benefit a broader audience, including businesses and aspiring first responders. During these classes, they can learn how to perform CPR, use defibrillators, and more.

CPR can save lives, and the use of defibrillators can be critical in emergency situations. Armed with these life-saving skills, learners are prepared to provide first aid in the field in times of need. These training programs are delivered through a mix of theory-based PowerPoint training along with hands-on exposure and role-play, making the learning environment engaging and stimulating for learners to pick up crucial first aid skills with ease.

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Scotland’s leading provider of heating and utility training is recognized by the industry and has won many awards for providing cutting-edge courses for learners to become in-demand professionals in their fields.


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